Monday, January 29, 2018

Yellow Zone Tools

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We are continuing with our discussion about the Zones of Regulation tools (strategies) for big emotions.  In the Yellow Zone you have some loss of control, but you can generally get it back.  In the Yellow Zone you may have frustration, anxiety, jealousness, grouchiness, silliness, the wiggles, or nervousness. Yellow Zone tools help us to calm down to get back to the Green Zone to be ready to participate.  Many of the tools the students use in school they can use at home. Some examples of school tools that students use in the Yellow Zone are listed below.

School Yellow Zone Tools:
Take a break (rest and return area)
Deep breaths (3-5)
Drink water
Use a fidget
Shark Fin
Ask for help (Use your words)
Positive self-talk
Have a snack
Take a walk
Work in a quiet space
Use noise cancellation headphones
Use stand desk
Use seat air cushion
Use a weighted lap pad

The next blog will focus Blue Zone Tools (strategies) that can be used at home and school.  If you have any questions about Zones of Regulation curriculum, please feel free to contact Mrs. Perkus at Cutler School at

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