Thursday, March 1, 2018

Blue Zone Tools

 Welcome to the OT Cutler School Parent Blog. 

In this blog we will discuss Zones of Regulation tools we can use when we are in the blue zone.  In the blue zone we have low energy.  We may feel sleepy, tired, bored, hurt, sick, or sad.  Blue Zone Tools are alerting, give us energy, and can help us get back to the Green Zone to be ready to participate. Some examples of tools that students use in the Blue Zone when they are in school are:  
School Blue Zone Tools:
Drink water
Deep breaths/orb breathing (3-5)
Use a fidget
Take a break
Take a walk
Chair or wall push-ups
Squeeze hands together
Use a cushion
Stand desk
On February 14th we had an all school assembly.  The focus of the assembly was to review the four Zones and tools that can be used to be in the Green Zone, ready to participate more of the time.  At the assembly the students learned that we sometimes need more than one Zone Tool to get us to the correct zone.  For example, if a student is in the Blue Zone and tired in school they might first stretch and if they are still not in the Blue Zone they can get a drink of water.  Above is a follow-up activity from one of the classes on Blue Zone Tools.  These tools can also be used at home. 

In our next Blog we will discuss the purpose of fidgets.

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